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    Operator Licence Support

    Operator Licence Consultant & Audit Services


    Logistics Support Services will compile an assessment of your compliance relevant to the Goods Vehicle (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995. We are clear with our clients – Non compliance is not an option. If you are not able to prove you are compliant, you are not compliant.


    This assessment will identify any potential area of weaknesses relating to the 1995 Act. It will produce a a report and action plan for you, detailing any procedures required to ensure your compliance falls within the undertakings required of the Operator Licence.


    Once the audit has been completed on site, we will return a report complete with the recommendations within 7 days.


    What does it include?

    We will examine core ares which include:

    1. Operator licence details – Conditions and undertakings of the licence, for example – are the details up to date, understanding authorisations and notifiable changes.
    2. Management of drivers hours, rules & regulations – This includes the Working Time Directive and EU and domestic drives rules.
    3. Vehicle Standards – This includes preventative maintenance and maintenance records.
    4. Operational management – Insurance, VED, weight and height compliance are covered in this section.
    5. Driver management – This involves cheekiness systems and policies in place as well as recruitment and contracts.
    6. Training – This includes CPC for drivers and other relevant training for drivers and office/operational staff.
    7. Offences & Investigations in relation to a road accident.
    8. Driver Licences – Are they check, frequency, and when to notify the Traffic Commissioner.
    9. Administration – This includes walkaround checks and defect reporting.


    What is the cost?

    Every business is different, so the cost depends on the size of you fleet and the amount of time we would need to spend on site. We can discuss the fee once an initial consultation has been completed so we understand the scope and reach of you operation.

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